To blog or not to blog? This is the question…

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

I’ve been wishing to create a blog for a long time but some concerns didn’t let me blog…

My main problem was: what language should I blog in? I usually think in a mixture of languages, depending on many things, like the theme, the context, my feelings… I once started a trilingual blog but I got lost in it and deleted it. I will try to keep this one in English if you promise to excuse my occasional mistakes.

My second concern was: what should I blog about? I will try to announce here my new designs and artworks and talk about my ongoing activities. There will also be some context on the creations (my inspiration, political context, current-events context, historical, artistic, biographical, whatever…) and eventually some Photoshop, Indesign and Corel Draw how-tos.

My third concern: will I consequently write this time, or will this new blog end up like all the other ones? I’ve created several blogs in the past and tested several blogging systems, but I always and systematically deleted the blogs after a couple of days – or let them get lost unfinished and anonymous in the Internet chaos. Well, I promise to do my best to keep you informed on my current activities.

So thanks for stopping by and please comment and give feedback on my artworks, products and designs!