New environmental design

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Green slogan “Relax in nature, enjoy nature, explore nature, appreciate nature”.

Green Design

Green Design - Tote Bag

Green Design - Wall clock

This design is part of a series of ecological and human rights designs I started creating in September 2007:

Live Green, Love Green, Think Green, Dream GreenMake Peace, Restore Peace, Preserve Peace, Love Peace by Ina MarHelp Children, Protect Children, Educate Children, Love Children“Remain young: Keep learning, stay active, stay positive, enjoy life” by Ina MarRelax in nature, enjoy nature, explore nature, appreciate nature

New environmental design: “Recycle Christmas Tree”

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

My latest after-Christmas design is this recycling sign on a Christmas tree with the slogan “Real tree huggers recycle their Christmas tree”. I rotated the oval some 10-20 degrees to the left, to give some “dynamism” to the design, then used three different tones of green, rather neutral greens, to differentiate the font and graphic elements. The sign overlaps the tree there where there are arrows, and the tree overlaps the sign in all other areas; this way both elements are absolutely visible and at the same time mixed into one new unique element: the recycled tree. I used this cute font called “Advert” by Richard William Mueller, I like its curvy lines…

I found some interesting information about recycled Christmas trees and eco-benefits of Christmas tree farms in Care2 (the article is called “Green Christmas Trees“), not only about composting and mulching old Christmas trees, but also other ideas and uses I had never thought about! Like using Christmas trees as erosion barriers on beaches and lakes, sinking them into private lakes to provide refuge for fish, placing the old Christmas tree in a private yard as a shelter for birds… Well just check out the design and give me your feedback!

Recycle Christmas Tree Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirt