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Grizzly Bear in Munich

Friday, November 13th, 2009


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Went to the Grizzly Bear Munich concert in the “Theaterfabrik” yesterday. Awesome! Multi-layered music, with so many details! Rich in hues and textures. Hadn’t even noticed some of the details when listening to the CDs. The dynamic shifts in “Southern Point” were amazing.

Daniel Rossen had a whole collection of guitars on the stage.
Chris Taylor played clarinette, flute, saxophone and used several effect pedals, in a hectic though attractive way, switching instruments, doing vocals, sometimes sitting on the floor near his consoles, playing, singing and producing at the same time. The effects don’t really sound like effects, they are integrated into the song in a subtle way.

The lighting effects were amazing too, they brought a hallucinatory / dreamy aspect to the songs. The stage was sequentially bathed in red, then shifted to purple, green, blue, yellow, to complete darkness, then illuminated only be the light of lightbulbs in glass jars (hanging or placed on the floor), then back again. All orchestrated with the music.

Funny piano videos

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

Have you heard of Aleksey Igudesman and Richard Hyung-ki Joo? They were pupils of the Yehudi Menuhin School, now they are presenting a genious show, the “Little Nightmare Music”, marrying lots of humour with lots of musical talent. They have already performed all around the world, so if you’ve never heard of them, just watch these youtube videos. In the first one, the pianist is using wood blocks to play the difficult Rachmaninov chords; in the second, the violonist is playing with a milk forther! The third video shows some interesting piano teaching techniques and how-to’s for music teachers…

Here’s their web site for more hilarious videos and information: