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Young activists

Friday, August 8th, 2008

I have created this Thomas Sankara T-Shirt series, especially this design where Thomas Sankara is speaking and showing his fist, in a star which has the colors of the Burkina Faso flag. Thomas Sankara is a former Burkina Faso leader, who stood up a lot for Africa’s freedom and African women’s rights.

So I’ve been contacted by a client today, who wished to have this design … on baby t-shirt! I explained her that I avoided putting this design on kid t-shirts, because I didn’t think there would be so young activists out there! In fact it’s a “harsh” series of designs, very political, very profound, with very strong slogans. I never thought kids would wear this. She replied: “We have got to start them early…”

Thomas Sankara Toddler T-Shirt

A couple of months ago, another mother contacted me and requested a kids hoodie with a slogan against the use of child soldiers, for her 12-year-old daughter.

Kids become politically aware youth if they learn to live and grow up in a politically aware family. You have to discuss politics at home, in front of the kids, so they can develop interest in politics and in what is going on in the world. Don’t change the topic if they ask you questions and don’t let them center dinner conversation to what happened today at school: discuss politics with your children and read the daily news with them, explain them all about elections and teach them about political figures they should be aware of!

For the back-to-school season, Ina Mar Art and The Earth Shop designed especially for politically and environmentally aware kids and youth original green notebooks, human rights notebooks and disability awareness notebooks and journals.

The Book of Bad Dreams by b.z. humdrum

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Each night my mother tucked me into bed, trapped tightly between the sheets. “Don’t forget the corners,” I would say. “That’s where the bad dreams creep in.”

A kid wishes to get rid of his bad dreams. He asks everywhere for help and tries one method after another, until he finds his own.

I’d say it’s all about art therapy… Read the story: – I love this guys writings…

Ruler of the world

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Another children book… My cousin Orestis and his wife Marianna wrote this wonderful, original book: “Ruler of the world” (Greek title: “O arhontas tou kosmou”, ISBN 978-960-527-419-1, Armos Publishing). It was published December 2007 and it’s written in Greek – but it will hopefully be translated soon…

It’s about a cute little white cat who thinks he’s the ruler of the world. He climbs on a pile of books and pretends he is the boss. One day he decides to go out and discover the world – or rather let the world discover him! He climbs on a trash can and calls all animals to listen to him, because he’s an erudite – he knows the secret of life! I am not going to reveal all details of this book. This adventure teaches the cat (and us!) how important it is to be humble, if we don’t wish to be left alone in life.

The whole book is written in rhymes. It’s a very nice gift idea for young Greek readers and also for adults. Click on the thumbnail to buy the book:

“Ruler of the World”

My favourite Children Book…

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

My favourite children book is a Greek one: “The colour fairy tale” by Alexis Kyritsopoulos (“To paramythi me ta hromata”, first edition 1976, ISBN: 960-04-0046-6). I’ve read this dozens of times and I can never have enough of it! It always cheers me up when I’m feeling depressed.

The story goes like this: The rainbow is depressed because nobody is noticing it, so it decides to leave the city. As soon as the rainbow goes away, all colours disappear from life and everything becomes black, white and grey: flowers are black and white, people are black and white, the sun and the moon are black and white… People realize their mistake. Some children decide to travel through the world to find the rainbow and bring it back to the city. Well I’m not revealing the end of the story!

This story is about appreciating what you have. Many small everyday details in life are invisible to your eyes because you are too used to them – but as soon as you lose them, you begin appreciating them. The rainbow, the sun, the moon, the air, the stars, your beloved people’s smile, the smell of fresh coffee in the kitchen, a glass of cold water, your health… Don’t take all this for granted. Appreciate it every day and consider yourself lucky that you are able to enjoy it. If you lose somebody you love, somebody who is bringing colour into your life, regain the kind heart of a child and go look for them; don’t be afraid to say you are sorry and make efforts to bring them back into your life.

The illustrations are a mixture of children drawings and collage, very colourful and cheerful.

Alexis Kyritsopoulos fairy tale in Greek
Click here to buy the book