New Zazzle Gallery

I’ve been working on my new Zazzle Gallery and … generally working… that’s why I didn’t post any news since a couple of days.
Take a look at the new Gallery: and thanks for your feedback!

4 Responses to “New Zazzle Gallery”

  1. margarita Says:

    agapoula exeis xathi se agapo poli filakia kai sto Sebastian

  2. Ina Mar Says:

    wpa kai blog comment h 8eia! pou ta ema8es ayta ta kolpakia?

  3. Stavroula Says:

    Nice work but I think it’s a bit expensive £17 for a t-shirt…

  4. Ina Mar Says:

    I agree that the t-shirt prices are a bit high, but there’s not much I can do about it… This kind of online t-shirt or poster shops have their fixed prices and the designer/artist gets about 10%. So if you ask me, £1,7 for a t-shirt I designed is minimal… Some designs represent many hours of creative work. This work will rarely be rewarded. Most people are buying the product – and not the creative work behind the product. I understand the buyer’s concern – but believe me, the design creator is the last one to make real profit out of this!