The Book of Bad Dreams by b.z. humdrum

Each night my mother tucked me into bed, trapped tightly between the sheets. “Don’t forget the corners,” I would say. “That’s where the bad dreams creep in.”

A kid wishes to get rid of his bad dreams. He asks everywhere for help and tries one method after another, until he finds his own.

I’d say it’s all about art therapy… Read the story: – I love this guys writings…

One Response to “The Book of Bad Dreams by b.z. humdrum”

  1. Austin of Sundrip Journals Says:

    How appropriate to run across the link to his book. I re-write my dreams so that I come out the victor instead of the victim. I’ve also painted flashbacks and nightmares. This book is pretty neat. Thanks for linking to it.

    Austin of Sundrip Journals