Walking differently but dreaming alike

People with disabilities often have to struggle to find their identity and fulfill their dreams and life goals. In fact most people, abled-bodied or not, struggle with the exact same thing all their life. Of course that struggle does get tougher if you have a physical disability. But people with disabilities just want the same thing that non disabled people want: fulfill their dreams.

Size: The original (digital file) is 90x80cm (35.4×31.5 inches)
Technique: mixed media (photo, pencil drawing, paper collage, photomanipulation)

Walking Differently but Dreaming Alike by Ina Mar
Walking Differently but Dreaming Alike by Ina Mar

The model, Anke-Maria Sander suffers from Friedreich’s Ataxia, a degenerative, genetic, neuro-muscular disease, for which there is no cure. She uses a wheelchair since she was 15. Anke is my inspiration and consultant for this disability awareness series.

P.S. Sometimes abled-bodied people need details of suffering, in order to recognize disability. I portray disability in a way that it is not directly visible. The girl is not IN the wheelchair, I don’t show her deformed legs or any of the barriers she confronts every day. I do this in purpose. I don’t think I have to satisfy people’s need for horror scenes in order to accomplish more understanding for people with disabilities.

2 Responses to “Walking differently but dreaming alike”

  1. sekinoka Says:

    Hello. You have completed hopeful work.
    To show handicapped parts or not to show such parts are depending on each indivisual. Some prosthetic foot users on purpose show their artificial feet. They say “It’s my identity.” I hope many people accept their handicaps and be proud of themselves.
    Of course it is bad to show handicapped parts contrary to their will. But someday in the future, if they started to think “it is not horror part”, that woulde nice 😀

  2. Ina Mar Says:

    You are absolutely right about this identity issue. I will use this idea for a future image. Thank you for your contribution!