New artwork: Don’t let your emotions spread out!

Dont let your emotions spread out! by Ina Mar
Dont let your emotions spread out! by Ina Mar, mixed media, 2009

The peacock and the businessman, a one-sided love affair.

The peacock attempts to impress the businessman and says: I could name 100 things you are to me. I’d like to spread out my feathers if you’d like me to. The businessman replies: I think you are 100 times more in touch with your own feelings than I am.

The peacock’s reflected black and white feather patterns on the businessman’s shirt refer to empathy. Empathy means understanding and being sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of another – here the businessman is sensitive to the peacock’s feelings, despite his verbal reaction.
The red cheaks and red highlights on the businessman’s face and shirt, as well as on the leaves, refer to projection, or more specifically the imaginative projection of the peacock’s subjective state (he is in love and emotionally wounded) into the object of his love (the man), so that the man appears to be infused with it.

The businessman is a mixture of:

  • Egon Schiele’s self-portrait with lowered head, 1912 (see below)
  • bits of the shirt of Albert Paris von Gütersloh by Egon Schiele, 1918 (see below)
  • the horrible graduation tie of a friend, in blue variation (better than the original)
  • many digitally painted or repainted / highlighted details

egon-shiele-portrait-with-lowered-head schiele-albert-paris-von-gütersloh

I took the picture of the peacock (used for this artwork) on Lokrum Island in Croatia, in the Adriatic Sea. Peacocks wander everywhere on this island – they are actually the only inhabitants, as Lokrum is a Nature Reserve!


The artwork texture is mainly a mixture of (1) Valcamonica prehistoric rock drawings, (2) Nepal paper, (3 dirty knife and (4) Cuban sea colours, with (5) some hand-painted details, shades and lights.

Colour palette: The palette is this time quite “realistic”, blues, greens, white, black and some pomegranate red
Size of the original (digital file): 39.4 in x 27.5 in (100×70cm)
Technique: photomanipulation and digital drawing

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2 Responses to “New artwork: Don’t let your emotions spread out!”

  1. Roy Allen Says:

    If you like, see another take on the hands in the PvG portrait here:

  2. Ina Mar Says:

    Thanks for your contribution Roy, this is a very interesting interpretation!