Work in project: Waiting for a phantasy


Waiting for a Phantasy (sketch) by Ina Mar, mixed media (photo, objet trouvé, collage, photomanipulation, digital painting, writing), 2009, Series surREALITIES

This one’s about waiting. About the fatal identity of the one who waits for a promised (or hoped for) sign, waiting for a proof of feelings, hoping for silent communication, without reciprocity. Sense of time, sense of proportions, sense of reality are lost. There is a scenography of waiting: the one who waits defines the place of the waiting, manipulates facts, makes suppositions, provokes their own thoughts, defines their own ways of acting and reacting, that escalate to anxiety and abandonment. Truths are confused with fantasies and wishes. The delay of the other is analyzed and at the same time the one who waits is brainstorming, having a mixture of unimportant and substantial thoughts, which are described in a detailed way in the background text (written by me).
In fact what I am publishing here is just a sketch, I’m still struggling with improving some details, refining some contours, hand-writing/scanning/integrating the text. I tried to give this work an abstract and an African-wall-hanging look.



For the texture, I used:

  • a crincled, irregularly scissor-cut photocopy of a woman’s abstract body by Picasso (see image)
  • a scanned knife (see image). I had just cut cheese with the knife, so it was a bit dirty and had fingerprints. That created a nice structure on the image. (It was French cheese – I hope you’ll still buy my artwork when it’s finished)

3 Responses to “Work in project: Waiting for a phantasy”

  1. Ina Mar Says:

    The text is now revised and corrected in Word and I’m starting to rewrite it on paper with a nib pen and my favorite ink, “encre violette parfumée”.
    Scanning the handwritten text and integrating it (sometimes word by word) into the artwork needs lots of time and patience. Why don’t I just copy and paste the text into the artwork and use a ready-made handwritten font? It’s simple: Even handwritten fonts have a kind of “regularity”. The letters are repeated, in their nice, irregular, handwritten form, but repeated. Writing by hand gives the written part an irregularity which I like. I also keep some faults, scribbles or smudges. Not to mention that I write some letters (unconsciously but consequently) in different ways / variations, like “t”, “a”, “g”, “z”, “h”. Depends on the mood, depends on the next letter, haven’t really thought about it.

  2. Ina Mar Says:

    I decided not to integrate the text. I like the image without the text.

  3. Ina Mar Says:

    Finished artwork: