Ruler of the world

Another children book… My cousin Orestis and his wife Marianna wrote this wonderful, original book: “Ruler of the world” (Greek title: “O arhontas tou kosmou”, ISBN 978-960-527-419-1, Armos Publishing). It was published December 2007 and it’s written in Greek – but it will hopefully be translated soon…

It’s about a cute little white cat who thinks he’s the ruler of the world. He climbs on a pile of books and pretends he is the boss. One day he decides to go out and discover the world – or rather let the world discover him! He climbs on a trash can and calls all animals to listen to him, because he’s an erudite – he knows the secret of life! I am not going to reveal all details of this book. This adventure teaches the cat (and us!) how important it is to be humble, if we don’t wish to be left alone in life.

The whole book is written in rhymes. It’s a very nice gift idea for young Greek readers and also for adults. Click on the thumbnail to buy the book:

“Ruler of the World”

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