I’m too sexy for my high (w)heels

My disability awareness design “Ich bin zu sexy für meine high (w)heels” (I’m too sexy for my high (w)heels) won the first price in the Zazzle Germany Humor T-Shirt Design Contest!

Ich bin zu sexy für meine high (w)heels

The same design exists in English and Spanish:

I'm too sexy for my wheels demasiado sexy para mi silla de ruedas

If you wish to buy this design on t-shirt, mug, bag or other, just click on the picture.

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3 Responses to “I’m too sexy for my high (w)heels”

  1. Kazuyuki Sekino Says:

    It’s an interesting T-shirts design.
    I am living in Japan. So I tried to translate your double meaning passage into Japanse.. “Atashi tottemo zetsuRIN nano.” this “RIN” means “wheel” in Japanese. At the sametime, “zetsurin” means so much sexy, twisty, red-hot.
    Congratulations for winning prize a little belated, though.

  2. Ina Mar Says:

    Dear Kazuyuki, thanks for your comment! Do you think I could use your translation to make the same t-shirt in Japanese?

  3. Kazuyuki Sekino Says:

    By all means ! It’s great thing to be able to translate such a unique T-shirts logo. Needless to say, copyright is yours.