New artwork about old age and memory loss

Since a couple of weeks, I’ve been working on this new image in vintage look, exploring the theme of old age and memory loss:

Growing old is a wonderful thing by Ina Mar, 2009, mixed media

Growing old is a wonderful thing by Ina Mar, 2009, mixed media

Here is the text embedded in the background of the artwork:

If I ever die, I wish to die of love, for example to die suffering of desire or be a victim of a crime of passion. It’s terrible to die of any other cause. Imagine dying of a sickness or just from old age!
Listen, I think I am growing younger every day. I am becoming smaller, losing weight, losing my hair, my skin is now soft like that of a baby. Touch it! See? It’s so soft! I believe I will soon be your age again. As soon as I am young again, I can take you to the end of the world. We’ll start a completely new life together. I am really sorry I didn’t remember your name. But the warmth of your hands is familiar to me. I am sure I have loved you passionately in the past.
Did you know that it’s possible to fall in love with the same person more than once in one life? Age gives you that strength by taking away memory. Loss of memory brings the freshness of rediscovery. I am now able to fall in love with you again and again. (Text: Ina Mar)

Some of my layers:

  • Doll
  • Photo of the right hand of a person I love (top)
  • Hand taken from a painting by Egon Schiele (bottom)
  • Eiffel Tower, taken from a vintage postcard. Stamp and postage from the same postard
  • Photo of a breast (right, middle)
  • Photo of trash and paper debris
  • Ink and blood stains (hand-painted on the debris) (in Photoshop of course!)
  • Several text layers with several colors and effects
  • Distressed effects using the background of an old black and white photo of my father
  • Frame taken from a vintage photo. I liked its irregular, destroyed corners. Just used the frame from this photo.

2 Responses to “New artwork about old age and memory loss”

  1. Stavroula Says:

    Love the textures and colours. Where is the text from?

  2. Ina Mar Says:

    Oops sorry, forgot to mention that. I wrote it. In fact I wrote all the texts for the series “Surrealities”, unless the author is mentioned.