New Artwork – “Tiger Dream” (Series surREALITIES)

Tiger Dream by Ina Mar
Tiger Dream by Ina Mar, 2009, mixed media (photo, drawing, collage, text), series surREALITIES

The “Tiger Dream” is an atypical erotic encounter between a tiger and a young boy.
It’s the description of a dream situation: A girl dreams of a boy lying on her bed, his head slightly leaned to the back, showing his uncovered neck. The girl’s head transforms into a tiger head. She carefully takes his neck into her mouth. She does not bite him or hurt him.

The tiger’s spoken words (“Is that you lying on my bed? I promise not to hurt you.”) are written over his head while the boy’s intime thoughts (“It would be nice to be sexually abused by you.”) are written inside his head.
There is also a sleeping child inside the boy’s head (reference to Egon Schiele’s “Blind Mother”, 1914) and the words “still a kid deep in his soul”, alluding to innocence.

I wish to create a contrast between innocence and sexual pleasure (two facets of the boy) as well as gentleness and violence (two facets of the tiger).

Here’s a detail of the artwork:

Tiger Dream by Ina Mar, detail

Tiger Dream by Ina Mar, detail

The palette contains “agressive”, “unrealistic” colours (blood red, deep orange, black and saturated yellow), that allude to the dream world.
The size of the original is 19.7 in x 15.7 in (50x40cm).
The techniques used are digital photo, pencil drawing,
photocopy, collage, digital manipulation.
Where to buy it: You can buy a reproduction of “Tiger Dream” on Imagekind.

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