The Disability Experience – poem by cripchick’s weblog

I discovered this poem by Cripchick today and wanted to share it with you:

yes i live, eat, breathe,
talk, wear,
disability pride
because i believe resisting assimilation will be what saves my community
but shh—don’t tell anyone— i’m kinda making it up as i go, living pride literally by the seat of my pants
i never know where i’ll be,
each day is new
emotionally, spiritually
personally, politically
tomorrow will i be head over heels in love
with my community?
taping posters on my wall of crip allstars and shit?
(and yes we have heroes, thank you very much)
or will i hate my body?
wish i was taller, darker, lighter
skinner, straighter—a body without curves
and uneven movements?
will i fell defeated
or simply lost and confused?
you see there’s no telling…

that is the disability experience.

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