Young activists

I have created this Thomas Sankara T-Shirt series, especially this design where Thomas Sankara is speaking and showing his fist, in a star which has the colors of the Burkina Faso flag. Thomas Sankara is a former Burkina Faso leader, who stood up a lot for Africa’s freedom and African women’s rights.

So I’ve been contacted by a client today, who wished to have this design … on baby t-shirt! I explained her that I avoided putting this design on kid t-shirts, because I didn’t think there would be so young activists out there! In fact it’s a “harsh” series of designs, very political, very profound, with very strong slogans. I never thought kids would wear this. She replied: “We have got to start them early…”

Thomas Sankara Toddler T-Shirt

A couple of months ago, another mother contacted me and requested a kids hoodie with a slogan against the use of child soldiers, for her 12-year-old daughter.

Kids become politically aware youth if they learn to live and grow up in a politically aware family. You have to discuss politics at home, in front of the kids, so they can develop interest in politics and in what is going on in the world. Don’t change the topic if they ask you questions and don’t let them center dinner conversation to what happened today at school: discuss politics with your children and read the daily news with them, explain them all about elections and teach them about political figures they should be aware of!

For the back-to-school season, Ina Mar Art and The Earth Shop designed especially for politically and environmentally aware kids and youth original green notebooks, human rights notebooks and disability awareness notebooks and journals.

2 Responses to “Young activists”

  1. Stavroula Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. It’s sad that 18 is for some reason deemed to be the age when humans reach adulthood. Youth as old as 16 work and pay taxes but have no right to vote. Why?

  2. Best T-Shirts Ever Says:

    Great work, a great design meets a great message, love hearing the story behind the design. Keep up the good work.